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Senior Pastor: Richard D. Callahan

Pastor Richard Callahan grew up in the Carolinas.  Not long after turning to Christ as a teenager, he surrendered to serve in whatever ministry capacity the Lord would see fit.  While studying for the ministry, he spent many summers working in Christian camps and on various foreign mission fields, willing to avail himself to every opportunity the Lord might use him in.  Shortly after graduating from Bob Jones University, he and his wife, Liz (McPheron) Callahan came to Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in the late 1970's, with the intention to serve as Youth Pastor and teachers for a few years, gaining ministry experience working alongside his new father-in-law and pastor, Herb McPheron Sr.  However, those few years have yet to end as it was not many years later that the Lord and Mt. Calvary Baptist Church called him to be the Senior Pastor.  For over forty years, Pastor Callahan has shepherded the flock at Mt. Calvary.

Along with his wife, Pastor Callahan has faithfully served in nearly every ministry aspect through the years and has been honored with a Doctorate Degree from Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC.  Passionate about religious freedom and Christian education, Pastor Callahan serves in leadership positions with the North Carolina Christian School Association, the American Association of Christian Schools, and Return America.

The Callahans have three grown daughters, Leslie (Archdale, NC), Lydia, and Lynette (both Greenville, SC).  A lover of history, sports, and technology, Pastor Callahan is a vibrant expositor.  Yet it is his knowledge of the Word and his true shepherd’s heart that draws both believers and seekers to Pastor Callahan where one quickly realizes that Christ is all.

Youth Pastor: Nathanael Proctor

Pastor Nathanael Proctor grew up in High Point, North Carolina where, with his family, he was an active member of Highland Baptist Church and attended Mount Calvary Christian School in Archdale.  He graduated from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  Upon graduation from Bob Jones he joined Mount Calvary Baptist Church and completed his Master of Science degree in Biochemistry at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro.   After earning his M.S., Nathanael began teaching at Mount Calvary Christian School where he and his wife, Heather (Loupe) Proctor, continue to teach.  Already actively serving in the church, Nate and Heather stepped in as Youth Leaders during the summer of 2010.  After several years of teaching, coaching, and working with teenagers, he felt God’s call to be a Youth Pastor and underwent ordination in October, 2015.  In addition to serving as Youth Pastor of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, he serves as Principal of Mt. Calvary Christian School and continues to teach selected high school courses and coach.  Pastor Nate is a scientist, an athlete and compelling speaker, but most importantly a pastor passionate about seeing young people grow in their faith and desire to follow God with their whole hearts. 

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